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The software that simplifies and secures the management of Butchers, Delicatessen, Caterers, Snacking, Bakery, Pastry, Catering and others, in artisanal or mass retail, to improve and control the costs.

The companies where I worked made a lot of money with me and today, after all these enriching experiences, I have developed a software, RIGHT COST, to improve and secure production costs.

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Gildas leard

"Basically, I've loved numbers since I was young. In my job, I have always been focused on the cost price and this is what I have set up in different countries, Poland, Gabon, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Ivory Coast ... for Carrefour, Leclerc, Géant Casino to name just a few brands"

It is quite naturally that the idea came to me to create a tool for more ease and speed that I called: "Right Cost" and which simplifies the management of production managers for all
processed fresh products.

Originally from Brittany, the horizon in my eyes, I left my native Brittany to go around the world taking with me everywhere my passion for mathematics to better manage my professional concerns, those of achieving fair costs for major brands and their customers.

Since the age of 12 has a dream, to go to work for a year in each country and the dream began with Canada and at the age of 12 I went to my godfather, a French-speaking teacher at the university for the summer holidays.

I wanted to be a role model for my peers and share with them my journey, experiences and my success. Moreover, I have helped hundreds of young people around the world to evolve. It is my mission.

"I started with sausages and ended up as the head of development for fresh market in East Africa"

Right Cost, the software that controls 100% of the cost of Butchers, Delicatessen, Caterers and other fresh processed products

The management of production costs is paramount in any company. Whether you are a Food Industry Manager, retailer, retailer or artisan, Right Cost helps you control your production costs and make better decisions.

Right Cost offers the best price for both large and small businesses. Try it and see for yourself how much money you can save.

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The software is easy to operate:

  • Managing costs and maximizing recipes is a complex task. Spreadsheets, Excel, and other legacy tools are too limited to manage costs between departments and projects. Our solution, a production cost management software that helps teams plan, forecast and control the costs of their revenues. Right Cost is the ideal solution for companies that want to optimize their management with simplicity and efficiency.
  • ​​Remember that it is important to choose a software that is easy to use and update regularly in order to benefit from the latest features and improvements. Your software must also be safe and protect your data from any form of hacking or malicious intrusion.
  • ​The software should offer features such as recipe control and ratio analysis to help you effectively manage the department of processed fresh produce.
  • The use of the software also allows a better monitoring and understanding of the accounting results.

Advantages of "Right Cost" software

These are five "signature" ADVANTAGES:


  • SECURITY: Cost prices always updated and kept for the company.
  • ​EASE: Ingredients listed with their nutritional values and the percentage of all ingredients per recipe. To comply with the law, the 2000 registered ingredients are filled in with the table of  CIQUAL values (energy values) and allergens.
  • ​REGULARITY in the production and manufacture of recipes.
  • ​COST CONTROL especially in times of inflation.
  • ​CREATIVITY of recipes
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FOLLOW-UP of the Software

  • Production planning
  • Easy and fast update for production managers, purchase prices
  • ​Easy and quick update for production managers of changes to existing recipes or new creations.
  • ​Simplified margin tracking
  • ​Production planning by recipe

The benefits of using RIGHT COST software


Be able to explain your results with real indicators


Every gesture is worth gold


Learn to make numbers talk


Without well-monitored cost calculation, it is impossible to have stable results


Understand and control its results.


Know how to buy accurate to sell better

The powerful Right Cost software will help you control prices, standardize production and simplify management!

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